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Comic Book Super-Heroine Preds - Page 1 - Comic Book Super-Heroine Preds - By SomeGuy1294 - Overview
Foreward: Unlike in previous interactives I have written, I will allow other writers to add to this story, provided they ask permission first, via PM. If you are interested in writing a part of this story, or if there is a character you would like to see added, please feel free to message me.

You can also post requests and vote for the next character added on the forum thread, linked here.


* * *

Mere hours ago, a strange wave of cosmic energy passed over the Earth. This energy seemed to bond to women, specifically, super-heroines and villainesses, giving them the power to swallow other people whole...

You? You're just a common criminal, and you have no idea yet what's happened... but you'll find out, soon enough, and if you're not careful, you could end up as a light snack for a very powerful woman.
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