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The Island - Page 1 - The Island - By Michenako - Overview
This is my first story on Eka's portal, 2nd interactive I have worked on (First was on A few things first:

First off, just know this isn't vore-only. It will contain vore (Mostly soft), but I like having a variety.

1) Please use 3rd person. (He, she, they) The main character is a 12 year old girl, so if you don't like lolicon, I suggest you turn around now.

2) This story takes place in a time before any advanced technology was created, and the main world is in a realistic setting (No monsters, or magic), but on the island, almost anything goes. Nothing powered by electricity, powder (Firearms), or steam. Gas-powered lanterns, and similar items are fine.

3) While there will be much more than vore, the only type of of vore I will do myself, is soft vore.

4) Please, try to use good grammar, and punctuation. Typos are expected, no one's perfect, but try to keep them to a minimum, please.

5) Be descriptive. As descriptive as you can, without sounding redundant. It helps build atmosphere, and helps to immerse the reader.

6) There are only a few things I will say aren't allowed in the story. Deus ex machina*, inflation, gender-bending of the main character (This includes futa), giants (Specifically, anything above about 20 feet), scat, diapers, age progression/recession, or electric/gas powered technology. Everything not listed here is fine to add, but I do ask for the italicized kinks to be named in the link title (Listed at the bottom).

*Deus ex machina is, as perfectly described by, "when some new event, character, ability, or object solves a seemingly unsolvable problem in a sudden, unexpected way." It's lazy, uninteresting, and frankly, insulting.

[Created: 6/3/13] [Last updated by me: 6/5/13]
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