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Succubus Roommate Interactive - Page 1 - Succubus Roommate Interactive - By Blueknight82 - Overview
********** Preface **********

This interactive is a 'What If' scenario to my succubus roommate story..

Succubus Roommate - Chapter 1 =

Succubus Roommate - Chapter 2 =

This interactive takes place primarily in the span of time Reid and Sophia get to know each other, possibly going beyond if he survives that long.

This interactive is highly sexual and includes many odd fetishes, so be prepared. Every type of vore allowed, just place a warning at the top of page if something is especially icky.

Rules – (Others pending as the interactive develops)
-Story takes place in third person, as I/You seems more than a bit awkward to me.

-Reid will always be unwilling (aside from mind control, trickery, etc.)

-Should Reid find out that Sophia is a succubus (before it is time) and devours others, the story must come to a conclusion.

-The focus should primarily be on F/M (including sex), but not limited to. Just note that Reid should rarely ever be a pred, and only then unwitting or unwilling, and that the story should come to a conclusion.

-Sophia is not the only predator, monster girls of every type are allowed, though nothing too big or overpowered as they would have attracted attention.

[[To keep the story from becoming a disastrous mess (in overview mode and in case I find major issues) I'll be splitting the story into Chapters/Days.]]
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