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Trapped in the House of Hunger - Page 1 - Trapped in the House of Hunger - By SomeGuy1294 - Overview
It's a warm, humid summer night, and you've spent the last hour wandering through the carnival with your girlfriend, Kit, just like you used to do when you were both just kids. You're both stuffed with delicious fried food, and feeling giddy with love. Despite the fact that you've known Kit for years, you only started dating her a few weeks ago.

What was it that kept you away from her for so long? Did you fear that if you started seeing Kit romantically, it would wreck your friendship? Were you distracted by the other women in your life? Or did you merely think she was too good for you?

Her slim figure, her long, brown hair... Kit was always beautiful, despite her plain manner of dressing. Even now, in jeans and a t-shirt, she's more beautiful than the mindless, neurotic cheer-leaders who used to crowd your high school. Just over her breasts dangles a golden cross necklace, a gift you gave her when you first told her how you really felt.

Kit licks the last bits of an ice-cream cone and grins at you. "Thanks for this. I haven't been to the carnival in years... I feel just like a kid again."

You start to reply, but a female barker at a nearby attraction interrupts you.

"Come one, come all!" she booms. "Explore a realm of danger and magic! Indulge in the deepest desires of your flesh, and watch as your wildest fantasies come to life!"

Kit blushes. "Desires of the flesh? My, my..."

You turn. The barker is a woman in a tuxedo-corset and fish-nets, with a huge top-hat. Her blonde hair has been bobbed short, and the left side of her face has been painted: white, like a mask, with a long, black eye-lash. Three green gems dot the underside of her right eye. She looks a little like a Cirque Du Soleil performer.

The woman turns to you and Kit, and swings a curved cane out in front of you, gently barring your path. "You there!" she exclaims with a smile, "You two young lovers! Surely you're dying to explore the mysteries of hunger and passion, are you not?"

Kit is laughing so hard now she can barely breathe. "Jesus. What exactly are you running here, lady? Are you a pimp?"

The painted woman chuckles. "I assure you, the House of Hunger is not some lowly bordello."

She gestures to the attraction behind her. Stairs lead up to what appears to be a stage. At the back of the stage stands the front of a house, painted with nude woman, fruit, and grilled meat. The entrance is shaped like a woman's mouth, carved of wood, with huge lips painted red. A sign at the top reads, "The House of Hunger."

"It is another world!" declares the painted woman. "It is art, and love, a harmonic dream where two souls can become one! It's a play, a fairy tale, where you two are the stars. But I cannot say how you're story will end. That is up to you to determine."

Kit recovers her breath. "So what is this, some kind of fun house?"

"In a sense, yes. There is plenty of fun to be had within the House's walls, and plenty of tricks and surprises to delight your senses."

Kit lifts an eyebrow and smirks. "Sounds naughty."

The painted woman smiles and nods. "Oh, believe me, it is."

"How much does it cost?"

"Naught but a dollar per head."

Kit grins mischievously and tugs your arm. "Come on. Let's try it out."

Do you want to follow Kit into the House of Hunger?
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