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Food of Men - Page 1 - Food of Men - By Inkie - Overview
Before we begin, I'll briefly outline the few rules that apply to this story.

* M/F only.
* Keep the storyline coherent.
* Use appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
* Remain in the third person to avoid confusion.
* Vore does not always need to end in death, however death should never be a result of anything but vore.
* Edit this page ONLY to add more story threads.

You CAN:

* Introduce new characters
* Involve your own personal, already-existing characters (as long as you fit them properly into the story)
* Create as many or as few entries as you want.

All vore types are allowed (except vore acts that males are physiologically incapable of, naturally). Same size and macro/micro are both permitted, as well as both hard and soft vore (although I will personally be focusing on macro/micro soft vore).

I'll start this with three different storylines, but feel free to add on others if you have ideas!

Thread One follows Inkie, a mischievous, forest-dwelling faerie who lives in a world of magic and wonder. She she is not without her own abilities, at her size she is threatened by all manner of beings - nagas, elves, and even ordinary humans.

Thread Two follows Miranda, a young woman in the regular world with a slightly unhealthy interest in magic, ancient religions, and mythology. Unfortunately for her, there's much more truth to her hobbies than she ever suspected.

Thread Three follows Kylara, a wealthy businesswoman living in a highly technologically advanced future society. Her cunning has given her great political sway, but because of her privilege, there are those who would dethrone her, and many technologies they can use to accomplish this goal.
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