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An Unfamiliar Land - Page 1 - An Unfamiliar Land - By Entity - Overview
Your eyes open to a dark world, the world you were born into. Awake in your room, the alarm hitting you like a sledgehammer so early in the morning, the dreams of the night still fresh in your mind but only for so long.

A slam from your fist and the alarm ends, scrambling out of bed and staggering to the bathroom with your eyes half closed you walk into the door and curse to yourself. The door opens and you stagger in, almost falling into the shower as you kick your jammies away you grab the switch and turn it on only to yelp in surprise as the cold water streams across your bare body. The same routine as every other day.

Tugging on clothes while droplets of water still cling to your body leaves you using far more energy than needed but eventually you succeed and stagger to the kitchen.

Breakfast comes quick and uneventful, with time passing you leave still chewing the last mouthful as you rush for the door to begin another dull day of everyday life.

But something’s different, something new, you can’t figure out what it is but as you grab the door handle and slowly open to step into the world you begin to realize its not something small that’s changed, something large.

Blinking slowly you look at the world before you, the same as it has always been, its still there, nothings changed. The first is uneventful, the second follows suite but the third……it changes. A loud crack of thunder echoes around you, a great boom as if the gods are shouting but the sky is empty, not one cloud.

Confused you take another step and another great crack of thunder booms around you, again the sky is clear but something still feels different.

One final step and everything changes, there is no great crack of thunder and the heavens did not open with a great rainstorm. All that changes is a great white light that blinds you for only a few seconds.

As your eyes open you notice that the sky is the same but everything else is different, everything has changed, you have changed. The very ground you stand upon is different, the path to your home is gone. Your very home is gone.
Your body, your voice, its all different. A new you for a new world. An unfamiliar world.

What you were does not matter, the world you came from has no importance, it only matters now what you are.

What are you?
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