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A Book of Filth - Page 1 - A Book of Filth - By Lucky - Overview
Welcome to "A Book of Filth". I hope to eventually have stories across the board of many different kinds of fetishes. Please feel free to add what you like! All that I ask is that you bear with me if I edit your entries to be grammatically correct and fix spelling and formatting.

Please be warned: MOST OF THE STUFF I WRITE WILL EVENTUALLY END UP BEING FATAL FOR THE CHARACTER. If this squicks you, please turn back now as you'll find plenty of it. If not, then this is probably your cup of tea and you'll have fun with it. : 3


Oh yeah, one other thing: Please write the story branches from the perspective of the character! For example, rather than offering the options: "[Character] is eaten by a wild iguana" or "His sister drops him into her panties", please use something along the lines of "Jump into the pet cage to hide!" or "Beg for your sister's mercy." No punctuation is necessary for branch options.
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