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Ti Bao and the Order of Flesh - Page 1 - The Story Begins (M1/S10R0) - By SomeGuy1294 - Overview
Thanks to Cinquint for the symbols, and to Dualguner for helping me develop Ti Bao's character via RP!

This interactive contains:

-Lesbian Sex/Romance

* * *

...You are Ti Bao. At the age of nineteen, you have finally completed your martial arts training with the Order of the Flesh, deep in the bamboo forests of China. Now, you leave the safety of your temple, ready to face the wicked warriors of the Order of the Beast. Whether you will vanquish these gluttonous villains, or fall, and become a meal for a hungry warrior, you can not know... but your body is strong and supple, and your spirit is fierce. You may very well be the woman who will end the Order of the Beast's horrible raids, and restore peace to the land.

This is your story.

* * *

Light filters through the leaves of the bamboo forest, and patches of shadow and light dance over your face as you walk. The road is rough and bumpy under you bare feet, but after years of walking on flames and sharpened stones, dull pebbles will give you no pain. Your pink, silk tunic feels light and thin as paper. You have grown accustomed to this feeling of exposure, of such a thin barrier between yourself and the elements... and accustomed to the feeling of the wind passing up your skirt and brushing your uncovered loins.

You have never left the Temple of the Order of Flesh until this day... you have never even seen the village you are supposed to be journeying towards, and though the Order taught you to live in tune with the forest, this branch of the woods seems unfamiliar, unsettling... you think briefly, of the legends you have heard of the magical creatures that dwell in this forest: spirits, dragons, and other beasts... but you have a mission, and it will take more than whispered stories to turn you away from your mission.

You have been sent to uncover the location of the Order of the Beast's hiding place. Ten years ago, after the Order of the Beast split off from the Order of Flesh, they vanished into the deepest corners of the forest, and emerged only to lead raids against villages throughout the land. Day after day, warriors of the Order of the Beast claim villagers as their meals. Men, women, children, the weak and the strong, the honest and the wicked... none are spared. Any who the Order of the Beast defeat are gobbled up, digested, and reduced to rank piles of waste, and each meal makes the Order stronger.

You have never swallowed anyone, though you have trained daily swallowing roast pigs. The Order of Flesh forbid you swallow anyone but a worthy opponent, defeated in battle... and it this very taboo that led the Order of the Beast to break away from your order, in their never-ending quest for more meals to fuel their strength.

Your thoughts are interrupted, as you hear a woman giggle. The sound comes from just right of your path...

What do you do?
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