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Visions of Raith Encur - Page 1 - Visions of Raith Encur - By Leliata - Overview
Valayria... A world of magic and wonder. It is a world that is filled with a menagerie of races and fantastical creatures, from the simple yet adaptive Humans to the elusive and ethereal Faefolk. And one can not forget that great mix of peoples known collectively to many as the Demihumans, human in form but with often beast-like features.

It is not a world without its dangers though. Many great beasts roam the land and seas, terrorizing and devouring those that stand in their way. But even they are not the greatest threat. The very people themselves can be as voracious, if not more so than those monsters, and are often far more crafty.

Still, Valayria as a whole enjoys a rather tentative peace, the last major conflicts having faded away centuries past with the last great conflict. Adventurers roam about, seeking fame and fortune. Heroes rise and fall, as do great Villains. Stories are told and legends written. And it is here that our story begins, focusing on a chosen few, each plagued with the same troubling dream. A call that beckons them out of their comfort and safety to venture into the unknown, to a place lost to history. It is these visions that start our story, visions of a place once known as Raith Encur...

Creator's Notes!
-First off, welcome and thank you for taking the time to look into this story. I don't really want to be too harsh but there are just a few rules to follow for posting.
-Anything is allowed, except for the few things that will be listed below. That list is subject to change, but likely won't.
-The story itself will contain only female or herm/futa characters, at least for the humanoids. Monsters... eh, that's up in the air.
-As the moderator, I reserve the right to delete pages that I don't feel fit the quality or theme of this story. I will message the author of those pages first though, to try and work things out and maybe get some edits made before choosing to delete.
-If you have an idea but either don't want to write it out or don't feel comfortable, please PM me with it and I may just add it in with credit given to you.
-The list of no's:
[*]Anal Vore
[*]Full Tour
[*]Hard Vore (is iffy and might be allowed in some cases. Warning will have to be given at the beginning of scenes with it.)
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