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Sacrifice - Page 1 - The Dream - By Malus - Overview
You are shifting in your sleep, it has been a very hot summer and not even the nights can bring you some long awaited cooling. Your body is all sweaty, making your night gowns (be it pajamas, a t-shirt or just your boxers/ underwear) stick to your body. The heat even seems to haunt your dreams (Which likely are rather hot and sweaty anyway though *grin*) and through the veils of sleep, you can veil something heavy, like a weight on your chest. You moan slightly, as a strange feeling sends a shiver over your body, like a current, sending you wide awake, your eyes still closed. Somehow the air seems to have changed around you. It is still quite warm, but not the almost tropical humid heat of your room, but rather a dry heat, which somehow reminds you of the stall air inside of an old building. And your bedsheets are gone, have you kicked them away in your sleep? But there is something else, you feel something hard against your bare back, like stone. It is pleasantly cooler than the air around you, almost comfortable, if it wasn't for the weight on your chest. And those claws pressing against your skin.
Suddenly you pull your eyes open, staring into the face of an impish creature, sitting on your chest, the claws digging into your abdomen and near your collar bones. A shrill shriek emerges from it's throat, as it jumps off, hasting away in the darkness surounding you.
Carefully and nervously looking around, you get up from the sandstone floor (even so you can only assume it to be sandstone by the surface). All but a small circle around yourself is completely dark, as if a bright orange halo is surounding you. You realize that your clothing (if you were wearing any) is amiss and you suddenly are quite glad, that everything is dark in here. Well except of you. You nervoulsy look around to see, wether the strange creature or any other are lurking somewhere in the dark, but you cannot see anything- but anything will most likely be seeing you, you think  with displease. But as if some unseen power had heard your thoughts, the glow around you slowly vanishes. But instead of being trapped in complete darkness, you see another light of the same colour slowly appear in front of you, illuminating a strange stone altar.
"Be greeted, my dear guest."
A etheral voice echoes through the dark room.
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