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Draxen's World - Page 1 - Draxen's World - By JTrucken - Overview
Welcome to Draxen's world. You have been created as either a predator or prey on a dead moon revived using Draxen's alien technology aboard it's massive command ship. Now for a little history of this story: Draxen is a 16 tentacled alien monstrosity with a big round head that houses its super massive brain that generates enough power when the alien is concentrating to create organisms out of thin air and four little black eyes above its squid-like beak. Draxen's species comes from the gas giant PLTW X80122223456742961-49, the planet is made up of gas clouds that are like the Earth's atmosphere and floating islands in these clouds that the aliens reside on. Draxen's was sent by the planet's Supreme Overlord xXVrrmVrXy to conduct research on the voracious creatures of the galaxy and their prey. Given the advanced V-50000 Lunar Orbiter Capital Ship, Draxen set out to find a dead moon. Once found, the ship's technologies restored life to the moon and Draxen set to work. Many predators and prey already exist on the surface of the moon and different biomes have popped up on different sections of the world. Overtime vegetation has grown along with farms set up by the prey (the smartest most advanced ones) using the predator's dung as fertilizer. Now, enough history and more story. Decide your DESTINY!
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