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How to Train Your Dragon Vore - Page 1 - How to Train Your Dragon Vore - By thevorishnightfury - Overview
Being the huge HTTYD fan I am, I decided that this website was in need of a How to Train Your Dragon interactive. So here I've set up the start of one. You can play any character and do pretty much anything you want. You can have the characters eat each other, have sex (even interspecies if you'd like), or follow an actual plotline, whatever.

Though I do care for the characters and the relationships in real life, this interactive is purely to sate my desire for fetish material. Therefore, if you want to have Toothless eat and digest Hiccup, even though I normally love their canon relationship and hold it above everything else in the movie, here I don't care.

The only things I ask are that you refrain from hard vore, scat, and cock vore. All other types of vore are allowed. Also, the last thing I ask is that you use a minimum of ten words a post, unless you honestly can't fit anything else in it, and that you write thoses posts in a literate manner.

With that in mind, let's get started!

Will you play a character from the movie?
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