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Decisions, Decisions... - Page 40 - A Sultry Seductress - By Anonymous - Overview
The heat of the fireplace in the bar below paled in comparison to the aura radiating from the femme form at your side. Try as you might, you could not get the sinking feeling from your gut that something may be amiss, but the breath of your lupine companion washing over your face as she leaned in close erased all thoughts of self preservation, and replaced them instead with a glowing warmth in your loins.

You prayed she wasn’t a harlot as a lupine paw slipped between your shirt to glide through the soft fur beneath... this was too good to be true. Then again, as you felt the very same paw lifting the lining of your pants to brush partially over the tip of your sheath, you did not care... or did you notice the small dart she hand wielded in her other paw until it had slipped through the fur and skin of your leg to inject something quite warm and tingling.

Eyes already blinking lazily, you’re able to see the smirking visage of sharp white teeth before darkness overwhelms you and you fall comfortably into the sheets of the bed, a content smile upon your muzzle.

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