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Eat and Be Merry - Page 137 - Peter says yes - By dboy6000 - Overview
Peter nodded shyly, and both Max and Len’s grin grew when he said this. Len pulled out of Max, eliciting a sharp gasp from Max as the droplets of pre-cum fell from his gaping asshole.

Len nodded at Max, something unsaid being told through their looks at each other, Max got back up to his feet, slightly wobbly, before quickly going to Peter.

Max started removing his clothes, and Peter could feel Len’s eyes scanning every inch of his body, even when the shirt was covering his face. Max had finished undressing Peter and Peter covered his privates immediately, not wanting Max or Len to see his growing arousal. Max saw his embarrassment and gave him a reassuring squeeze to his arm.

“Don’t worry, bro, you’ll enjoy this.” Max smiled at him and Peter felt a little bit better.

Peter started to climb on to the chopping board and lay on top of it. Len, who until this time had been quietly observing, now grabbed Peter’s legs and placed them over his shoulders. From his position, he noticed Max doing something to Len but could not see it properly. Noticing Peter's curious expression, Len merely replied with a simple ‘Lube’.

Before Peter could repsond, Max shouted out “Done!” and came out from underneath Len, his hands covered in lubricant. Len grinned and placed his shaft on Peter’s belly.

Peter gaped in horror at the size of Len’s dick. He had seen it when he was watching earlier, but seeing this throbbing thing up close was giving him major doubts. Could it even fit in him? But at the same time, his arousal was reaching an all time high and Peter could see behind him that Max was also getting aroused as he watched intently.

Should he back out, or go with his urges?

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