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Eat and Be Merry - Page 138 - Peter says no - By dboy6000 - Overview
Peter shook his head frantically, as he stared in shock at the deli man’s large shaft, that had left a massive gaping hole that was Max’s ass. He was positive that it would not fit. The deli man known as Len frowned, and Max pouted.

“Oh, come on, Peter, what’s wrong? Are you scared? Amy wouldn’t be impressed by a scaredy-cat?” Max gave a mocking grin towards Peter, before it quickly shifted to a face of ecstasy as Len reinserted his massive shaft into Max, seemingly disinterested with Peter. As Max began moaning into pleasure, Peter’s pecker ached for use.

‘Perhaps it wouldn’t be that bad’, Peter considered as he continued to watch Max get reamed, ‘obviously Max is enjoying it.

Len seemed to notice Peter’s conflict and gave him an inviting look as he plowed Max.

Peter hesitated.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea...
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