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A hungry Changeling - Page 1 - A hungry Changeling - By Battle541 - Overview
Ok now for the rules.

Allowed kinds of vore are:
Soft Vore
Anal Vore

I'm going allow digestion into this and there will be fatal digestion in it as well (but not extreme or graphic)

Weight gain is also allowed in this too and even farting and scat.

Other things allowed are:

-Sex (straight, gay or bi)
-Alternate universes

Also to add a little surprised the ponies that will be digested will be revived. Why you asked? I just thought it up and the revive spell should work.

So please just bear with me. This is the only 1 I can make.

I promise to make another 1 and make it better.

If there is any questions or changes you want me to make, Please PM me or say something at my Shout Box and I'll answer them as soon as I can.

That is all.

Now go and have fun and be creative! :)


Also here is the picture of my OC Changeling Midway.
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