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My Little Pony vore interactive - Page 1 - My Little Pony vore interactive - By Fevix - Overview
Welcome to a remake of Estee's MLP Vore Interactive!
(Permission is here:

DISCUSSION PAGE IS HERE (Please take questions there):

-No graphic digestion of foals.
-Gore is to be clearly marked at the beginning of the link, in brackets or parenthesis. (See note 1)
-No bridge chapters (Ex., "What about Rainbow Dash?). Simply add a new link to chapters wherever you wish.
-Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Offending chapters will be edited/deleted.
-Edit Permissions must always be set to "Page & Story Owner" (Preferred) or "Everyone" (While this means more people can edit that page (positively), it also means more people can edit that page (negatively))
-Original content only. Chapters reusing old chapter's text will be deleted. Chapters found using text from outside sources (Unless posted by the owner of that source) will be deleted. (Nobody wants to read stuff they read before. If they did, they'd go to where they read it before.)
-Don't just create chapters and expect others to fill in the story. This isn't 'request-a-story'. It's okay to give branch suggestions, but try to give as much content as you can.

Questions and/or suggestions can be PMed to me (Fevix), but I'm not all that great at realizing I have a PM.

The Create New Link box below the choices will create a new link. Simply close the page or use the back button to leave the link red (meaning the page beyond is blank), unless you plan on creating the page yourself.

So, who will we start with?
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