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Be Food, It's Only Nature - Page 1 - Be Food, It's Only Nature - By StormWolfe - Overview
WELCOME to Be Food, It's Only Nature. Please follow these simple rules below;

(1) - Almost anything goes, but put a warning in the link when there is underage, scat or guro ahead. HV, CV, UB, OV, AV, its all welcome.
(2) - M, F, H, whatever you want is allowed, but make sure you keep the options open when beginning a new story line so people can choose a different gender.
(3) - Humans don't exist. Nothing against humans myself, but it just doesn't work with this story.
(4) - Prey are prey and pred are pred. No exceptions. Species who are herbivores real-life will be prey in this. No exceptions. Omnivores may be either, carnivores are predator. Please note, smaller carnivores may get eaten, but they won't be willing like prey species might be.
(5) - Grammar please! And spelling for that matter. Typos are okay, but seriously nearly every internet browsers and literally every text editor can spell check for you; use them.
(6) - Now, people in this world gene-morphed themselves so fictional and mythological species are allowed. However, they aren't actually mythological, magical OR from stories or movies; they just look that way.
(7) - Have fun!
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