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In the Family - Page 1 - The Family Devorantis - By the_Wolf - Overview
The Devorantis family. Wealthy, powerful, hooked into everything. For innumerable generations, they've been the puppeteers for the larger events in the world, while managing to keep their own name hidden. A decadent, hedonistic, and sprawling clan whose abilities make it easy to make people disappear. Every member of the enormous family has their role to play and is trained early in keeping this conspiracy going, whether it's controlling heads of state, manipulating the most powerful computer systems, or steering the condition of the world economy to keep the investments ever-profitable.

Then there's you, Richard Devorantis. Like every member of the family, you know where you stand. Quite frankly, you're pleasure and food. And you've known this since you could start making memories and understanding training.

Like a number of other cousins in various branches of the family, you've never left the gigantic, hidden estate. You are obligated to serve the pleasures of the family and destined to be a convenient meal for some hungry member of the family. It could be your own brother, or some distant female cousin you've never met. It matters little, one day you're going to wind up in someone's belly. You accept this, and almost look forward to it because it's all you've ever known, even if you do enjoy the posh life.

You certainly aren't a second-class member of the family. You get all the decadent benefits of having been born to one of the most powerful families in the world. In some ways, your life is even more lush because everyone knows you won't be around as long. Your only responsibility is to be tasty and ready when the time comes. Your family genuinely does love you, even with your status. Most of them will just love you a lot more when you're a nice, satisfying weight in their gut.

In some ways, it's amazing that you've lived to be seventeen. You've got an average body type, a handsome face, and odds are you'll be pretty delicious when the time comes. Maybe it's your pleasant personality that's kept you around so long, or the fact that other cousins put a lot of effort into fitting a specific meal type while you just kind of enjoy yourself and bide your time. Still, you know your days are pretty much numbered at this point. Teens in their sexual prime are particularly appetizing to just about any member of the Devorantis clan. For now though, it's just another day in your life...
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