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My Little Pony: Endo is Magic (ADD) - Page 1 - My Little Pony: Endo is Magic (ADD) - By firelordzx5 - Overview
after months, you finally manage to dominate the shrinking spell, as young archmage, that mostly mastered magic alone without going into a magic school you were a about to do what only happend in your dreams, shrink and going inside a pony, simple as that.

No fancy story, no real goals, just to revive your fantasy that only occur in nights and your morbid curiosity.

humankind and ponykind live together in equestria, under the rule of Princess Celestia and her reformed sister, Princess Luna, it like live in a real paradise. magic is in the air and is powerful tool for skilled unicorns and human mages like you and now you gonna use it to used to revive the experience that only happend in nights.

with 1 inch as your new size, you create a a portal that goes into a random site of equestria, you wonders where you going to end in this crazy and unusual journey.

You go into the portal, the other side was...
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