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My Little Pony: Endo is Magic (ADD) - Page 3 - Canterlot Palace - By firelordzx5 - Overview
The portal took you to canterlot's palace!
the home of the Rulers Princess Celestia and Princess Luna themselves this could be fun specially entering in one of the rulers of the kingdom, with a levitation spell you hover (or better fly) high to explore the castle, it was huge compar to your size there were guards patroling everywhere luckily for your size and the ability to by magic spell you was able to hide and continue your journey undisturbed.

then it hit you, a delicious smell from the mess hall of the castle, it must be breakfast for the princesses, you quickly arrived to the mess hall, a great table locate in the center only to be ocuppied by only princess celestia and luna, both princesses seems to recently wake up.

for what you can say, you wake up pretty early yourself wanting to do this in the first place.

the princesses were demi-goddesses themselves but no true goddesses but now it look like true titans in this size of yours, they were eating eggs with slices of bread

this give you an idea to enter through their mouths while they are unaware of him
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