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My Little Pony: Endo is Magic (ADD) - Page 40 - Sweet Apple Acress - By firelordzx5 - Overview
the portal take you to a apple farm! it must be from the apple family, the only family that own apples but by the look of this farm seems to be from ponyville... you are in ponyville! the apple farm of ponyville Sweet Apple Acress.

"The home of the best apples of all equestria..." you muse while exploring the forest of apple trees looking for the ponies working of this farm, you heard the sound of apple'bucking near to you only to see a orange mare with stenson hat and three apples as cutie mark, doing it, she was applejack, the element of honestly and one of the owner of the sweet apple acres, next to her you can see a red stallion with blond mane and a green apple as cutie mark.

"Eeyup" suddenly he talked in a deep voice, startling you for a moment, like he heard every though of you describing him.

"Eeyup what?" you heard the voice of applejack.

"Ah... nothing" he said with a very bad poker face, she seem to no believe him obviously but returned to her apple'bucking to other tress, you stop to admire her toned flank, her athletic body, her beautiful face with fleckes with these emerald eyes.

again looking to the stallion. he was a power horse, you heard rumors about him, he is Big Macintosh, a strong but shy stallion of the family that gladly offer himself to do jobs for the town, other rumors were that he was a... male prostitute, he once said that all of that was false about the prostitute thing, but you can't never be sure about that statement, he got a body that most mare (and human women) enter in heat in just seeing him. plus.. he once said he was gay but the love potion incident prove the contrary.

A sudden strong current of air take you towards
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