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Crosso-VORE Academy! - Page 1 - Crosso-VORE Academy! - By SomeGuy1294 - Overview
After months of trying to get into a college, you finally manage receive an acceptance letter from the prestigious Crosso-VORE Academy. It's a pretty long drive from town to the campus, but this may be your only chance to get your degree. As you approach the gates, you spot a large black on gold sign with a listing of rules.

You get the feeling that you should probably stop and read these, because if you don't, SomeGuy1294 is probably going get pissed at you and delete everything you write.

1. All fictional characters are welcome to CA, regardless of their medium of origin!
2. ONLY fictional characters are allowed. Celebrities are forbidden from entering CA, because we don't want a crowd of paparazzi clogging up the campus.
3. Although all fictional characters are allowed, only female character may participate as predators.
4. While on-campus sex is allowed, it is STRONGLY suggested that the Yaoi-fans transfer to another campus. Lesbians are welcome.
5. ABSOLUTELY NO SEXUAL ACTIVITIES INVOLVING MINORS. Pedo-bears will be castrated on sight. Claiming that the twelve year-old your are fucking is really a 500 year-old vampire will result in DOUBLE-CASTRATION.
6. Sex with aged-up versions of normally underage characters is acceptable.
7. Our roster system forces your to register as either male or female, so no hermaphrodites or futanaris may attend.
8. We are very open to students of all humanoid varieties, as well as demis and furries, but feral characters (such as ponies) are forbidden from participating in vore.
9. CA offers classes in all forms of vore (except cock-vore), including oral, hard, anal, unbirth, breast, absorption and soul vore. In addition, our science division is currently working on developing shrinking and reformation technologies for use on willing and unwilling prey, and our campus toilets are specially calibrated to handle even the biggest loads of scat.
10. Adding to Crosso-VORE Academy is encouraged. Although SomeGuy1294 will be adding to this story later on, CA depends on your help to expand the roster of predators.
11. It is strongly suggested that you put some time into researching any characters you choose to add. Little slips are acceptable, but try to keep the characters in character.
12. If you have any other questions or comments, you may contact Dean SomeGuy1294 via PM.

You stand outside the gate scratching your head. "How is double-castration a thing?"

It sounds like attending this college may be very dangerous. There's a good chance you could end up as anime-girl poop before the end of the semester... is it is really worth this kind of danger just to get through college?
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