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Voretown - Page 1 - Voretown - By cives - Overview
Welcome! Unfortunately, no interactive story is complete without a long and prohibitive list of rules, however, so if you wish to add something, please try to mind the following:

1. yuze goood speling And; grammar, please

2. Write lots. This is an interactive story, but that doesn't mean that not a pin can drop without the approval of the reader. Major decisions by the main character ought to fall under the jurisdiction of the reader, but minor decisions as well as things outside of the main character's ability to influence substantially should not.

3. As such, choices offered in the interactive should correspond to what the character will attempt to do, rather than what will happen. For example, prefer options such as "Try to escape" and "Give up the struggle" over ones such as "X escapes" or "X is digested". Exception: Links from this page lead to character selections, which obviously can't be character-relative.

4. My writing will be in second person present (as long as I don't slip). I think that's probably the best way to proceed with an interactive story, but I'm not going to impose it on anyone else.

5. Try to maintain character consistency within a single arc.

6. The setting is, as advertised, an otherwise true-to-life modern setting.
a. That means no widespread use of things like magic, shrinking, outlandish creatures, etc. The keyword is 'widespread'; a secret cabal of sorcerers or something is perfectly fine as long as their existence is unknown to most.
b. Vore is fairly uncommon, but has entered public knowledge after several high profile cases.
c. I will be writing F/*, human predators, same size, oral (possibly anal as well) and full digestion. No one else is held to this, but it is assumed to be the norm as far as vore goes.

7. Enjoy! I will attempt to add more to this, but if anyone out there wants to have a go I welcome it. Feel free to add; I don't have any desire to maintain complete creative control over it. The more contributors the better.
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