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Life Of An Undersized Undergraduate - Page 101 - Savoured - By gat1321 - Overview
Jason pushed himself to the back of the Asian girl’s throat. The minty saliva she had coated him with allowed him to glide easily to the back of her mouth. As his body raked over her bumpy tongue, he heard a loud ‘HMMMM’ sound. The Asian girl was obviously enjoying his flavor.

Before he could go down into the sexy belly below, her tongue undulated underneath him. He felt totally helpless as the slick muscle pushed him over a row of teeth and into her cheek.

Then her teeth bit down with a terrifying crunch.

Meanwhile, Erika was looking up at the situation at hand and winced as she saw what just happened. She hadn't noticed a large lump go down the Asian girl's throat and she was at the moment chewing vigorously and tremendous crunching sounds could be heard.

Inside the Asian girl’s cheek, Jason was drenched in saliva, and covered in chunks of masticated cracker. Several gulps later, the cracker was gone, and the girl moved Jason back onto her tongue.

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