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Life Of An Undersized Undergraduate - Page 2 - Chapter 1: His College Time So Far And Dangerous Thoughts - By SwallowMe - Overview
Jason Dinken felt great that finally he was away from home after two years of being home tutored in college courses. He wondered how students would react to him. A miniature nude student being ported around campus; he had long since gotten used to not wearing clothes, one would think companies would tailor to making clothes for people with the condition, but for some reason they didn't, so it was just easier to go without clothes. Jason wondered if their were any people his size he could interact with, really only girls his size. While he was always interested in having relationships with girls of normal size, he thought that it might be good to try and find a girl his size if he wanted to have a proper girlfriend.
It could be possible, since the reason he enrolled in Cherryton State University, is that his parents found out that it had a program called Protectors For Puny Pupils. Students with the condition are enrolled in that program. Students that enroll as "protectors" are paired up, and are given three months early access to their dorm room, and the pair are assigned a "puny" to protect for the year, or more if they stay in the program and at the school. The punies move in early with their protectors, and for the first three months before school, the protectors are monitored and graded to see if they will be qualified protectors. Most protectors are female, because studies the university conducted, show that female students are more reliable at taking care of their punies. Returning students are the only ones that are allowed to enroll as protectors, since it is best to have a puny assigned to students that have a good knowledge about the university campus.
Jason had an awkward but fun time getting to know the two girls that were to be his protectors, Kara and Hanna, both were 19 years old. The two had apparently become good friends when they met during their first year at the university, and had enrolled together as protectors so they could share the experience in the task together, and unbeknownst to Jason, cover each others tracks if they slipped up and something happened to their puny.

Kara was 5ft 4ins, with medium length brunette hair down to her shoulders. She had a lean body type with C-cup breasts, and a tight round ass. Jason was quite enamored at times by how cute she was. After the three months, it looked to be that she would be the one to take charge in caring for him the most.

Hanna was 5ft 8ins, with medium length dark red hair down to her shoulders. She had a plump(not fat) body type with D-cup breasts and a plump round ass. The reason Kara only let Hanna watch Jason a small part of the time, was because Hanna had a hard time paying proper attention when watching him. A couple times he found himself under her lovely ass, as she didn't look to see where he was on her bed before she sat down. Luckily, her mattress and bed covers were nice and soft, and she felt him moving under her before she applied any more pressure to her sitting. There was also one time when he fell from her shoulder as she was making a veggie sub sandwich. She wasn't looking and put the top on and pinned him inside. Jason looked on and squirmed further and further back in the sandwich as she took bite after bite without noticing him. He was lucky again, because just as he had no more extra sandwich to slide back to, and he couldn't slide out because of her grip, Kara came in and saw his wiggling legs out the back of the sandwich, and saved him from Hanna, who was oblivious that her puny charge, who almost became an extra crunchy bit in her lunch.

Over the three months, Jason had gotten to know his protectors, and they had gotten to know him quite a bit as well. They were quite interested in hearing about his life after he shrunk, and how he survived high school, and the accounts of the times he almost got devoured by the head cheerleader, a biology teacher that felt she could teach him about the digestive system easier that way, and Lisa's older sister Gina. He actually confided in Kara and Hanna that even though the experience and idea of being eaten scared him, the experience of being wanted in such a way by girls and women, turned him on. He didn't know why, but the two girls loved to play true or dare sometimes, and they included him since he couldn't go anywhere. One time, Kara and Hanna asked him a truth question together, which he guessed came from their deep curiosity in how he lives his life at such a size. The question was, "If you got to choose how you died, old age and disease don't count, how do you want to die?"
He answered and after thinking deeply, that the experiences being eaten had effected him so much, that he actually would choose to have a lovely girl or woman devour him. It had been quite arousing to him being licked and tasted by the girls and women that almost ate him, and revealed that Lisa's sister Gina had actually succeeded in swallowing him, and he had to stay in her belly until Lisa was able to convince her parents to take Gina to the hospital to have him removed, since Gina refused to throw him back up. He recounted that while he was frightened and her belly was soft, wet, and squishy, it was actually quite warm and comfortable in her belly, and that he always wondered if it was similar in other girls' bellies. After that, during the same game, Hanna dared Jason to let her swallow him so he could see if her belly was just as nice. He actually almost said yes, before Kara said no and stopped the game.
After having such a time with his two protectors, and delving into his past and his thoughts on it, he came to the conclusion that his experiences had hindered him. He found himself thinking a lot about being devoured by many of the attractive girls that caught his eyes on campus, as well as some of his lovely female professors. Since he spent a great deal of time with Kara and Hanna, they were the main girls that devoured him in his fantasies. Kara was foremost, because she was protective of him, which made him wonder if she could ever be broken, convinced to gobble him up and send him to that cute little belly of hers. He found himself joking with girls more and more about them devouring him. It was quite a dangerous game, since he knew there were girls that actually wanted to. He had got hungry looks from girls on many occasions, especially from girls at the campus dining hall. There was one student that worked part time at the dining hall as a cook and server, almost every time Kara or Hanna came through the line with him, she would ask them if they wanted to have him added to their meal in some way, and he couldn't tell if she was joking. He was doing his best to fight his fantasy urges, as it had already almost got him devoured by a few girls when Kara and Hanna weren't looking.
Besides all the danger, Jason had been having a great time. The dorm room of course was huge to him, but even at normal size it was an unusually big space. The main room was large enough for two big beds for the girls, a living section for a couch, coffee table, and TV, a mini kitchen area with counter, cabinets, and all the amenities like a refrigerator, sink, oven, and a small dining table. There was also a full bathroom connected to Hanna's side of the room. Jason's bed was a small folded up pillow case and his pillows were two dense but soft cotton balls. The girls had placed his bed on top of the dresser that they shared. It had a column of drawers on each side; Kara used the left side, and Hanna the right side. While they did change clothes in the bathroom, even though he was around, they weren't shy about walking around the room in their lingerie. He guessed they didn't mind having this little guy that couldn't help admiring them as they moved about in their undies.
After the first week of classes, the girls had stopped having him ride on their shoulders or in their bags, and actually started sticking him in between their breasts. They told him that it was just safer that way, but of course he wasn't going to complain, though he preferred being between Kara's breasts, because they were a bit smaller than Hanna's, which meant less pressure when they got pressed together on occasion. There were a few times he felt like if Hanna smushed her breasts any closer together, he could possibly be crushed to death. That actually became one of his other fantasy deaths, just under being sat on, which of course came from the times Hanna sat on him
After the first two weeks, he knew he was going to love being at college. The problem was, he had constantly had the prediction and feeling in the back of his mind that he wasn't going to survive his first year. There was a very good chance that Kara, Hanna, or some other lovely girl would be the death of him.

The main story begins:

What is going on, where and when is Jason now?
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