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Your Cock is Hungry - Page 1 - the Beginning - By jistju - Overview
This is going to be a same-size human cock vore story. There are some rules:
-no underage(younger than 18)or pregnant characters
-no real people. This is pure fantasy, Id like to keep it that way.
-All characters should be human.
-keep with the preferred prey of whatever storyline you're on.(only female prey in M/F, etc.)
-cock voring someone should end up with the prey being digested into cum, so unless they somehow escape before that happens, its fatal.
-The story will be in second person(You do this, you eat that).
-no incest.
-sex is fine, as long as it's not too brutal. Stretching out a few holes is okay, breaking them is not. Also, try not to be too rapy. This might seem like a dumb rule in a story where you eat people with your cock, but a story where you eat people with your cock is kind of dumb if you think about it.
-no extended musical numbers. Short ones are fine if public domain or original songs are used.
-try to keep things light and not depressing.
-you are the pred. never the prey.

Sorry about all those rules, but I want this to be kinda focused.

Now for the story:
You are a young human man of non-nondescript appearance. Other than the fact that your cock occasionally grows several feet and swallows people whole, there is little unique about you. Tonight you are going to a party in an average american town.

You forget whose party it is, but it's at one of the nicer apartments in town. Your cock isn't hungry just yet, but you could eat if you met the right prey...
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