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Catgirl Apartments!!! - Page 1 - Catgirl Apartments!!! - By MisterEbony - Overview
Welcome to Kittenati, a city of Catgirls and their silly ways. Thing is... your not a catgirl. You are one of a few different micros they love the most: mouse demi. You take the role of one of these four (to start out. More may be added later)...
Mina: A blonde haired mouse girl with cream skin and usually a grey bikini for an outfit, Mina was the original housemate of Katt, until she had to rent out rooms. Now she constantly has to watch out for their hungry jaws and silly ways. Mina tends to enjoy being eaten after a bit, but is usually unwilling at first. She also is easy to get drunk, thanks to low alcohol tolerance.
Clara: A recent squatter in the home where the catgirls live, Clara has to goals: eat and be eaten. She loves to be cooked especially, though she hates being chewed up. If swallowed whole she tends to give belly rubs. She has light blue hair and brownish fur, and loves cheese and cakes.
Samantha: not exsctly a mousegirl, Samantha wound up in the dimensions thanks to an experiment gone wrong. As such, she doesnt have the reformative the others have in her blood yet, so being eaten or otherwise taken out will be fatal. She has brown hair and olive skin.
Mikey: a Black haired mousboy who is a wild card. Maybe he is seeking a girlfriend, or maybe he is a fluke. Who knows what his story will bring?

In addition to the mousy residents, the home in question has four catgirl residents, each one unique.
Katt: the owner of the house, Katt is a brown haired calico catgirl with a sexy trim body. She works as a model which used to give her lots of money. However jobs are slim these days, so to make ends meet she has loaned out three bedrooms to renters. While she sometimes is at odds with her new housemates, she does get along with them most of the time. She likes mice as sandwiches or burgers, as well as the occasional mouse pancakes.
Suzy: A silvery furred catgirl with a playful demeanor, she is just as likely to snuggle mouse demis as she is to eat them. She loves to swallow them whole, and let them tickle her insides. While not a fan of prepped mice, if she sees a mouse treat she will still eat it. She loves being pet to. At present she is unemployed.
Evette: a black furred feline chef, Evette sees mouse demi as ingredients and little more. She is not mean to them, but she cannot see them as equals like the others. She loves to cook, and makes all kinds of mousy foodsruffs, as well as mouee sized treats garanteed to fatten and sedate mice who eat them. She has a crush on Tom from Tom and Jerry.
Neko: Evettes little sister and the most feline of the residents, Neko acts more like a cat thN a girl. She often walks on all fours and meows and nyans a lot. She likes to stalk and chew mice demi up or smack them with her little neko mallet, which flattens any she hits into disks. She like Evette has black hair and fur, and is a cuddly kitten.

For this interactive, these are the rules:
• All preds MUST be catGIRLS. No guy preds please.
• Only oral vore and prep please. No anal, vaginal, or shaft vore.
• No one sejtence posts!
• No underage prey. Underage pred is alright though.
• Please keep sexual scenes to a minimum and only where appropriate and logical.
• Prep and food use is encouraged!
• All prey reform naturally thanks to a special life long reformative. Only Samantha breaks this rule as she is from another world. So in other words, only Samantha can die until she gets the reformative.
• Please keep characters, ewpecially the catgirls, in character.

One final note. This story was inspired by Celestia, so all thanks go to her for the inspiration. Now, lets go habe some fun! Meow!
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