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A Dragon's Tale - Page 1 - A Dragon's Tale - By Ghostlurker7041 - Overview
You awaken from your deep slumber and shake your massive head. you groggily lumber over toward the pond to lap some water into your mouth. You peer at your reflection, impressed with what you see. You are an enormous, red scaled dragon. Standing on all fours, you unfurl your massive wings which stretch fifty feet from end to end. Your massive head is easily ten feet long. There is a certain nobility and grace to your movements as your enormous wings begin to flap, slowing lifting your ten ton frame off the ground.

And what a body you have! To fuel such a massive creature, your stomach is constantly aching for more to fill it. As the hunger reaches your mind, you realize that it is time to hunt for some nourishment. But where should yo hunt? There are plenty of human settlements around, ripe for the picking. Or you could play it safe and hunt for some small animals in the forest right below you.
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