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A Risky Office Experiment - Page 1 - A Risky Office Experiment - By SwallowMe - Overview
Jason Eager is a 26 year old office worker at a place called Taegar Enterprises. Jason’s world is basically a version of Earth; accept that in this world most girls and women have the ability to shrink certain people. The ability manifests starting at age 16 and disappears once a woman reaches the age of 36. Boys and men between the ages of 16 and 35 are vulnerable to being shrunk, but if men reach 36, they become immune to the power. Also, there are a small percentage of girls around 5%, that don’t get the power when they turn 16 and they end up being vulnerable to being shrunk by girls and women with the power. Many studies have been done, but still nobody knows why the ages of 16 to 35 are the only time frame that the power is present and can effect people, or why people can only be shrunk to and between 4 and 20 inches.

It is a dangerous world as vulnerable people are open to being shrunk and used for whatever whim such girls and women decide to have while dealing with shrunken people. Since so many girls and women have the power, it isn’t regulated and the act of using it and even killing with it isn’t punishable, since such women have control of most things in the world. There is a liquid drug that was developed that makes a vulnerable person immune to the power for 24 hours per one dose, but it is very expensive and is only sold in monthly and yearly supplies.

Jason’s family was pretty well off, so they supplied the drug for him until he got his job at 22, which at that point he had to pay for it himself, which it takes a little over a quarter of a month of his wages to afford each monthly supply. The story deals with how Jason has decided to run his own little experiment where he stops taking the drug for a few days, to see if he can survive his work life without it, so he can save some extra money. He also has become a bit bored with his work and life, and would like to experience a little danger and excitement. Most would say he must have a death wish, because he has been the only guy in the past four years that has worked at Taegar Enterprises. Jason works at a company that employees hundreds of women; he is like a little fish in a giant tank of hungry sharks.

This story is/has Human/human, F/m, F/f(eventually), vore(soft and hard), digestion(not graphic.), shrink, butt crush.

Rules: Don't add yet.(Will erase that line when I am finished adding what I want to the story.)

1.) Jason will be the only guy in this story, since the only other people that work in his office are women.
2.) No animals, insects, bugs, reptiles, etc, etc; meaning only plain ordinary awesome humans. Also No, characters from cartoons, anime, TV in general, video games, etc, etc. Characters are to be totally original made from the writer’s mind.
3.) The age range for adding new characters, 16 to 36.
4.) The ways that Jason can be killed; eaten by swallowing whole or chewing, cooked/baked then eaten, sat on, crushed by breasts, or crushed while being used for sexual purposes. If Jason is eaten with food, like being on a sandwich, there is to be no meat. The idea is that he is the meat.
5.) If there is toilet stuff, there is to be no mentioning of crap or pee. On another note, no foot play, no interaction with feet, unless the character is getting the attention (tapping the foot nothing else) or just using it to climb a girl/woman.
6.) Jason will start out shrunk at 4 inches. The range for shrinking is no smaller than 4 inches, and no bigger than 20 inches. It is possible that he might find a woman that will turn him back to normal size for a period.
7.) Editions are to be written in the third person prospective; for example: Jason climbed up onto the chair; he wanted to get closer to her.
8.) The sentence minimum is five good sentences, no less, but more would be better. And, don't use what is first put in the title blank; create your own original title.
9.) Use a spell checker, like Microsoft Word, on your editions. I will not tolerate
misspelled words and bad grammar. If I somehow miss such problems in my editions, please tell me so I can correct them.
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