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Giantess Rampage - Page 1 - Giantess Rampage - By Ghostlurker7041 - Overview
Kimberly is a young College student with big aspirations. As both the head of the cheerleading squad, and top of the class in her Physics Major, her future is looking bright. Kim was also not lost for looks, either. Tall and confident, she struts about campus, her long blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders, her brown eyes sparkling in the sun. Kim is a goddess of the school who always gets her way. But she may just get more than she bargained for when she picked up her mail one monday morning.

As she entered her combination for her mailbox at the school mailroom, a look of confusion entered her face. Instead of her usual full inbox of mail, there was but a single package, and a small note. Kim reached her arm into the mailbox and pulled out the parcel. It felt fairly light, and she held it loosely in her hand while she read the small card:

"We hear you have 'big' dreams. Here's a little something to make them a reality.
- A friend"

She put the card back in the mailbox and focused her attention on the package. She carefully unwrapped the paper to find a small glass flask filled with a purple liquid. Kimberly twisted the top off and smelled inside. Mhh, she muttered to herself... grape. There was barely anything in the container, no more than a single gulp's worth. She looked around, and decided to...
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