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Giantess Rampage - Page 30 - Grind on a railing while snacking on more fleeing students (mass vore) - By MJM709 - Overview
Kimberly stumbled over to the railing of the stairs, shakily putting a hand on it. With her other hand she rapidly rubbed her clit in an attempt to sate its intense desire for attention, but it just wasn't doing the trick. She straddled the railing and brought her body down upon it, bending beneath her weight. But the bar still slid nicely into her vag, tickling her insides with pleasure. Kim lurched back and forth, the pleasure stimulating her stomach to work overtime on its fuel sources, the janitor and the geek. The duo, once active, living beings, were churned up into n unrecognizable soup, liquifying almost instantaneously within Kim. She felt little remorse for them; her pleasure was the only thing on her mind.

Many in the building saw this as their best chance to escape. This creature with its full belly was preoccupied by what was between her legs. She would not be looking for more snacks at the moment. However, with one entrance collapsed in, the only other way out was the entrance at the bottom of the stairs, right behind the moaning giantess. They knew they wouldn't get another shot.

Kim could see the crowd of students and faculty frantically running towards the exit behind her, but she didn't pay them any mind: She had her fill for now... or so she thought.

As the first person ran by, a buff looking junior, probably on the football team, Kim felt her stomach give out a demanding rumble, to her own disbelief. The soupy remains of her two latest victims still sloshed in her massive heaving belly, yet her body wanted more? As if on autopilot, her arm reached out to catch the fleeing man. She continued to slowly grind the railing, which was now caked in her juices, as was much of the floor.

The hand that came down in front of him made the fleeing student scream. He could't even stop in time before the fingers closed around him and he was hauled up towards the giant woman's waiting mouth. She stuck him into her throat headfirst, closing her lips around his waist. He kicked violently in the air, screaming in the humid chamber of her mouth. She quickly pushed his feet into her mouth, his upper body being pushed into the beginnings of her throat. With several dry swallows he was sent wriggling down her gullet and into her massive belly. He splashed into a thick sludge, free floating around looking desperately for a pocket of air amongst the people soup he now found himself in.

Kimberly repeated the process with more fools who attempted to sprint past, catching each and every one and sending them into her internal oven. Every person she swallowed made her throat more and more accustomed to taking people whole. She was ingesting them; eating them faster and easier with each victim. As she continued to grind, her moans became louder and louder. She was a sweaty mess, her feet sliding around the slick tiled floor, her hair matted down against her face and back. Beads of sweat trickled down from her forehead. Her belly was growing to be massive; there had to be at least seven people floating around in the purified nutrients of her first victims. They too began to be churned up, making a giant soup within her belly. The people were melted into the broth, and their clothing were the vegetables floating within. She continued shoveling down the last of the daredevils with one hand, furiously smacking her enormous belly with the other.

As the last pair of flailing legs were deposited within her, she could feel her climax coming. Her prey were being digested as they entered, adding to the stock of thick student puree. She could feel all kinds of shoes, phones and wallets pressed against her stomach walls. All the people within her was turning her on to no end. She slid across the railing one last time before she let out an arterial spray from her nethers. She let loose an immense moan of pain and pleasure as her colossal stomach, which rapidly shrank down, absorbing the liquid contents within. Those that remained semi solid, even alive, were churned and liquified in seconds. Kim collapsed backwards panting, putting one arm over her forehead the last traces of pudge disappeared from her belly. Her stomach was flat and immaculate again, save for a slight rocky lump in her midsection left behind form the various shirts, shoes and phones that remained in her like trophies. She prodded the stiff bulge with her finger. Were it not for them, there would be no trace the crowd had ever existed.
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