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Intergalactic Innards - Page 1 - Intergalactic Indigestion - By Komodo - Overview
You start off where a lot of unknown protagonists do, in the bathroom!
You are a slave aboard a massive carrier, and you are on your way of getting sold to the highest bidder.
Who are you? What are you? Why are you there? That remains to be chosen by you! Play between 9 different races (maybe more later on) with their own history, culture and talents in this existence of Strong Eats Weak!
Can you survive as a Predator and keep yourself fed?
Can you survive as a Prey and still live comfortably?
Or will you just accept your fate as a slave or snack?

Intergalactic Innards is a side-project where I will stitch together various ideas for Races, Scenarios and Vore-related happenings. I do not claim it to be fully original, and it is most likely that some parts may be heavily inspired by other means of fiction, such as tv-shows or games. However I will try to keep it as original as possibly, unless there is a reference I throw in for the rest of my fellow dorks to chuckle / groan over =P
Enjoy the reading! And maybe bring it with you for a relaxing time in the bathroom!
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