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Dragons Eating Dragons. Fantasy vore adventure. - Page 1 - The plan. - By Zavvnao - Overview
This is to try and create scenarios, vorish or otherwise, involving feral dragons. While there can be other races and even anthros, the focus should be more about non-anthropomorphic dragons and such. The driving factor behind this will probably be the interactions between the characters, and what they do and happens to them in the end.

There will be vore; safe or otherwise, reforming or not, but there should also be a mix of many other situations such as good old adventures or some sexual fun even if you want.

The world is rather large, so feel free for how fantastical or earthbound you want this to be. It is a world ranging from the familiar to the alien, with an adventure or ending awaiting in the most surprising of places.

How will you journey? What will you do. and what will be your fate?

Here are some simple rules:

Don't worry about such a long list, I am not going to try and be a dick about this. I want you all to have fun and be creative ad imaginative, but need to suggest some quality and at least minimum direction. They are not that long, and the numbers with letters are only to explain something further. Do not let this intimidate you, as I am sure you are gong to write something great if you go past this page.

1. All types gender interactions are allowed in vorish or sexual interactions. everything from m/m and f/f up to f/m and every combination of those along with herms even in any position if you want as well.
1a. if the next scene will be sexual or vorish with a certain gender(male,female, herm) give a brief warning in the chapter link or at least above the page or part of the writing where it occurs.

2. all types of dragons are allowed, from western and eastern, all the way to those feathery, meso-american serpents. Feel free to use whatever you feel like as a viewpont character.
2a. other fantastical beings can be allowed as well, such as giant serpents, griffons, and such.
2b.please try to not go overboard if you must include humans. I am not a misanthropist, but think about the title and what is the theme of this interactive story.

3. All forms of soft vore and alternative vore are allowed, from oral, all the way through anal, cock, tail, and so forth.
3a. sizes can be as different between predator and prey as you want, whether the pred or prey is the larger or smaller one, or the same size.
3b. there can be digestion or endosoma(storing others in you safely to be let out latter or not) or even fulltour, with reforming or permanence of gurgled or an unexpected outcome, but try not to leave readers guessing unless there is a reason for your plot-line.
4.A large number of personal fetishes can be allowed with warning, either for the particular page, paragraph, or even just at the start of a story arch. (I myself am being rather loose as I myself love feetpaws, so it would be unfair to restrict things beyond what I can handle having to review or deal with legally)
4b.However, there is a flat and unchangeable ban on sexual activity with minors or those below the age of consent in your local area. Alternative vore, such as anal, navel, tail, and oral vore that does not involve sex with this in mind is fine.
4c.Scat and bodily functions are not something I will deny exist, and you can go into some detail or into disposal description and such, at least leave warning that it is upcoming so it can be avoided. I am not trying to single anything out, as we all like things that others consider strange.

(there are many fun things I know others enjoy, so don't be afraid about being creative and sharing, just be the best writer you can)

5. Try to post what you feel is your best.
5a. this means only short post when needed, such as character choice pages or before something large.
5b. it also means that when something happens, such as someone being eaten, at least write out the scene out, from consumption to belly or other storage location, whether there is a bulge or shape with in also or even nothing at all. And if the prey is big enouhg, at least let us know there is something living in there, even if it is temporary, unless you are doing instant digetion.

6. Leave options open, do not take up to many pathways on one page. a few are fine, but do not try to cut off others endings too often beyond your options added.
5b. if you cannot delete a page when needed, ask me or whoever I have work with me on this to remove it instead of making multiple post saying you messed up.

7. I will review and rewrite rules when needed. or create and delete rules that become questionable when necessary or if you can be convincing enough without threats or harassment.

So now, lets get on to characters and scenarios ^^
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