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An Unusual Diner - Page 1 - Welcome to the Table of History - By DangZerglings - Overview
Choose one of three routes to start off the story:

Customers are... well, paying customers who come to Mallory's Unique diner for one reason or another. Usually humans, and tend to be switch-y.

Waitresses are the cute girls tending to Mallory's many, many tables and bedrooms(!), ensuring the happiness of customers. They tend to be on the prey side of things, and have a healthy mix of humans and demi-humans.

Hookers are the ladies who sex up certain paying customers, and have a tendency to slurp them into their bodies. Usually predators and usually demi-humans, what with animal instincts.

[CONTENT WARNINGS - Do not proceed any further if you adverse to any of the following kinks]
Endosomatophilia (non-digestion)
Non-fatal vore
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