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beyond the point of no return - Page 1 - Who do you want to be? - By Blackraven - Overview
Its late afternoon in the african savannah. As the heat becomes less intense,
the creatures of the land awake from the dozing slumber that made the hottest
hours bearable and continue the daily activity.

Among them is shahira, a sleek cheetah femme, who happened to have bad hunting
luck the last few days. As she lacily stretches her feline body, the growling
and empty feeling in her stomach reminds her nastily about her late
misfortune. Yawning she starts looking over the plains, and the grazing herds
of gnus and zebras.

Most of them had already left though, as the dry season was to come, and prey
was going to get even more sparse in the next weeks.

On the other side of a muddy water hole, that would probably dry out completely
during the next days were a few scattered gazelles.

A little aside of them grazed Anija, a single impala antelope. She still felt a little
sick from an infection she had caugt the week before. Luckily she had gone better,
and was feeling almost fine - if still a little weak though. But as a
result her sisters had left her behind as they moved on their migration
journey as she couldnt keep the pace all day. Instead she tried to keep up
with a small group of thomson gazelles who didn't seem to be in such a hurry.

Now you happen to be one of them, chose
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