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Poke-girl Love - Page 1 - Poke-girl Love - By dellobenedetto - Overview
You are a Pokemon trainer. However, you are not like many pokemon trainers, as you hold a distaste for battle. Indeed, you have not participated in any, and instead live in solitude with some of your many partners.

And what partners they are... By some stroke of luck, all the pokemon you had were humanoid, female, and very voluptuous. They even had human-like big boobs and waists, which you had covered in the skimpiest and most lovable bikinis. And not only that, but they were willing to do whatever you wanted them to. ANYthing.

Tonight, though, you're feeling a bit lonely. You want to spend some quality time with one or a few of your sexy poke-ladies. Which do you pick as you walk around your house?
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