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The Adventures of Phoenix and Friends - Page 1 - The Adventures of Phoenix and Friends - By MinunChaos73 - Overview
Hello there! I just wanna say that this is my first interaction story ever but I been wanting to give this a shot. So please be patient with me as I add new stuff daily. >w<

This is the story of four friends who stumbled into a alternate plane of the Pokemon world after discovering a strange gem. Now the four are spread out from each other, unable to call upon the others for help as they embark on a quest for friendship, love and a lot of lewd things.

The world may seem the same as the normal Pokemon one but this is a world that is far different, even having other sorts of creatures and beings than just anything related to Pokemon. Just the only thing that is noticeable is the lack of pure bred Humans but a abundance of Feral and demi humans and everything between.

But for now, Phoenix, Serena, Chi and Whims have to find each other for something big is looming over this world and threatens them from escaping.

Now choose your character...
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