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Unfamiliar World - Page 1 - Unfamiliar World - By Rajunsiv - Overview
You wake up with a start, no longer in the usual warm, soft place that is your bed... quite the opposite in fact; you lie in water, in frost, having been melted by your body heat, but that doesn't make it anymore comfortable...

You rise with a start, looking around to see nothing but darkness at fist, before the dull light of a sunrise greets you from behind... your bare feet stand in snow, a thin layer, assuming most of it was blown in by wind, the frigid air numbing your fingers and toes... Beyond the cave, from what your tired eyes can see, is a dark, cobblestone path, covered in snow that has been well tread on... you have no idea on how you got here, but, this could just be a dream...

So, in terms of dreams or reality, you can't just stay here... can you...?
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