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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 171 - Nicole's Anal Vore Desires - By NagaFood - Overview
Nicole couldn’t stop thinking about her friend Troy. Troy was thin and attractive and kept somewhat to himself most of the time, but was fun whenever he did talk. She’d known him since freshman year of college and the two had always made it a point to flirt with one another, although nothing had ever come it. They’d both largely assumed that they were mostly joking, but lately there had become something of a sexual tension between them which she had been especially feeling. Nicole hadn’t consumed too many boys in her life before, just a few former boyfriends who she ate and a younger cousin who she unbirthed (at his eager request), but now she found herself heavily driven by the urge to consume Troy.
For some reason she especially wanted to swallow him anally. She’s always been unsure if she’s be able to swallow someone that way given how thin she was, but she figured that she’d be able to with someone as thin as him. The thought of him wiggling around, struggling for life inside of her anus overwhelmed her… she’d decided that she had to do this, Fortunately, she and Troy lived in the same house, so she had easy access to him.
It was late at night and she was already in her pajamas: a white tank top and plaid sleeping pants, when she worked up the nerve to knock on Troy’s door.
She felt like she could probably seduce him and coerce him into crawling in to her ass, or she could completely ambush him and try to force him in…
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