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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 172 - Megan: On the Hunt - By NagaFood - Overview
The hallway of your school is packed with teens heading home. You stifle a burp and pat you’re slightly pudgier than normal belly, as you continue to digest the remnants of your last boyfriend. Admittedly he talked back far to much to have been considered a satisfying boyfriend, but he tasted all the sweeter going down. With a small chuckle you widen your gait, swaying your hips unabashedly, as you stick your chest out, eyes hunting for your next slave.

There! A tall youth, maybe a year or two older than you makes the mistake of staring at your breast. Before he’s even aware of it, you’ve altered your course to put yourself in front of him. “You like them?” you tease and he slowly nods his head. “Good, then you can take care of them and me.” He finally comes out of his daze and pales as he realizes who he is talking to. “Hold these and walk me to your car.” You dump your books in his arms and start to stride towards the parking lot. He fumbles about for a minute but quickly catches up.

Soon you are standing in front of midnight blue pick up truck. You gaze into the back and nod. “Good enough, now you can drive me home.” You say sweetly as you run a lone finger under his jaw.
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