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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 173 - Lindsey: A very good morning - By NagaFood - Overview
You were Lindsey Conner, an 18 year old high school girl nearing her graduation. An unlicensed vore, you've nonetheless have had ample experience thanks to your mother who would let you devour her lovers and boyfriends once she was finished with them. In order to keep the secret (as being unlicensed would result in harsh penalties, most likely of which would be being eaten), you had been taking digestion pills in order to eliminate the weight gain and waste that comes with eating an entire human being. Not the most enjoyable situation, but it was better than doing nothing until you got licensed. At the moment, you were in the bathroom, rushing to get ready for school.

"Lindsey! Liiiindsey! The bus will be here any minute!" a voice called from the downstairs kitchen.

"I know Mom, I know! I'd actually be done by now if someone didn't need me to eat their boyfriend at 4 in the morning!" you retorted.

"Already sent Roger down the tubes, eh? That's my girl! Speaking of which, a letter about your voring license arrived yesterday, but I forgot to tell you."

"You WHAT? Mom, do you know how important that is!?" you screamed in reply.

Before she could even reply, you flew down the stairs in a flurry. In the kitchen, you found the large envelope on the stand and ripped it open as fast as possible. You were hoping for a class A allowance, which would allow you to eat anyone not protected, and your expectations were not let down. Inside the envelope was the golden license you had expected, along with a long letter detailing the rules and regulations. You were too happy to care though. After years of forced quick digestions, you could finally savor their slow demises. In fact, now that they'd be added to your frame, the scrap books were no longer necessary. They'd been used in the absence of weight gain for there had been no real trace otherwise; Although you still felt you'd do it out of habit.

It wasn't all happiness though; A ping of regret filled you that had your mother given this letter to you yesterday, that Roger would have been the first of many men on the way to a busty figure. As it stood, you were pale skinned with an extremely boy-ish figure. To men, there was nothing truly sexy about you. But that was all going to change.

"Oh sweetie" Your mother chimed in, having noticed your reaction to the letter, "I'm happy for you, but you should get going. I can't drive you to school today, so if you miss the bus, you're walking. Get going, and digest a meal for me!"

You let off a giggle at her last comment, and heeding her advice, slipped out the front door after saying goodbye. Your mother, although a bit of a nag, was usually right about punctuality, and this case was no exception. As you rounded the corner to the bus stop, you watched as it began to pull away. Not one to be put down in this mood, you chased it down and began pounding on the window for it to stop. Luckily, the driver took pity on you and let you aboard.

"A good start to a good day" you think to yourself.

What happens next?
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