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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 174 - Kelsey: An Ordinary Day - By NagaFood - Overview
Nothing seems out of the ordenary as you trek down the hall of your Middle School. However for some reason the scene affects you far more than it should. On the right side of the hall a single scream breaks the silence before it is drowned out in the throat of Alice. The other student, only a couple of months older than yourself, tilts her head and allows her meal to slide further down. There is nothing unusual about seeing Alice eating someone in the hallway, at times she seems to go through one each period, yet a deep resentment was beginning to burn in you. There is no need to mince words; you were horribly jealous. It's not that you cannot vore, you are licensed and proven, it is simply that you want your first meal to be completely perfect. For this reason you have ignored the impulse to just grab a boy in the halls.

As you focus on your thoughts the hall is filled with the ringing of the final bell, decreeing class as finally over. Turning away from the bloated Alice you head for the exit. There is no longer any doubt in your mind, today is going to be the day. From an early age, before you were even licensed, you had desired to eat each and everyone of your brother's friends. Your skin quivered whenever you imagined them melting away, and what they would become. Your thoughts are so intense that you one more lose track of your surroundings, and bump smack into the chest of another teen. Pushing up from the ground you prepare a rude response, knowing it's a boy, only to rise to a familiar face. It seems your brother's best friend just happened to be in the perfect place. The look of anger on your young face melts away into a playful grin. "Oh, hello there Keith. I wasn't expecting to see you so soon."

The tone of your voice obviously unnerves the boy, he's not used to you being nearly so polite. However Keith does not flee. Perhaps he thinks he can fend off one so young, or perhaps he belives you are sincere. Regardless, he has missed his chance for escape. With a sudden snap you take his right hand in your own and turn towards the path home. "I have something very important to tell you, so your going to have to walk me home." Your voice has a matter-of-fact tone that seems to rather irk him. He however goes along with it. "Do you want me to tell you right away, or should we wait until we get home?"
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