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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 175 - Amy: Caught Daydreaming in Class - By NagaFood - Overview
“Your lips engulf his waist leaving only his legs, free and desperately kicking, looking for an escape. There is none. He continues to scream, but his cries do nothing but tickle your throat as they reverberate inside your esophagus. Using your powerful jaw you lift his lower body up into the air and let his legs slide down your throat, never to be seen aga…”

“Ms. Phifer!” the teacher said sternly, pulling Amy out of her journal and back in to reality. She quickly pulled her spiral notebook close to her and covered the writing with her arms, not wanting anyone to see what she’s been writing. “Can you repeat any of what I just said?” the teacher asked, putting his hand on the front of her desk and looking down at her impatiently. He was a young, thin man in his mid to late twenties. Not exceptionally attractive, but certainly decent looking, Amy had heard many of the girls in the school talk about him behind closed doors.
“No, sir.” Amy said, blushing and slumping in her chair. “I’m sorry.”
“I would suggest, Ms. Phifer that you spend a little less time in daydreams and a little more time in the world of English Literature.” He said.
“Yes, sir.” She said slumping a little bit further in her seat, feeling all eyes in the classroom focus on her.

The rest of class seemed to take an eternity, and when the bell rang Amy was quick to gather her books and stuff them into her backpack. Her best friend had to hurry to catch up with her and meet her on her way out the door.
Christine and Amy were inseparably close. They were both bookworms, usually wearing sweaters on top of white button down shirts who really had each other as their principle friends. The place where they differed was in their personalities, with Christine being much more fun loving, outgoing and experienced in vore.
Christine had wavy brown hair, blue eyes and a winning smile. Her teenage acne and a rather average body kept her from being overly popular, but she was still a very likeable girl.
“Don’t worry about that, Amy.” Christine said sympathetically, “No one cares about Mr. Davis anyway.”
“That was so embarrassing. I’m going to die.” Amy insisted.
“Please.” Christine rolled her eyes. “A first year male teacher like him? What does it matter what he says? He’s not going to be anything more than a shit stain in a few months anyway, so why worry about it?”
“Eww, Christine!” Amy pushed her friend away playfully with a laugh.
“I mean it! Do you really think a young guy like him is going to last here? Some day he’s going to say the wrong thing to a girl and the next day we’ll have a substitute.”
Amy laughed again.
“You know, Amy,” Christine said “That does give me an idea…”
Amy looked at her friend and blushed.
“I’m serious! You should go back there and down him! No one would mess with you if you ate a teacher.” Christine insisted.
“But I’ve never eaten anyone.” Amy said shamefully.
“What a way to start! Besides, think of how much fun it would be. Walking around school having everyone know who’s in there.” Christine playfully grabs Amy’s stomach. “Or in there!” She said, squeezing Amy’s butt, causing her to blush even more intensely. “Or there!” She now grabbed at Amy’s chest, laughing hysterically as both tumbled towards a wall of lockers.
“If you don’t want to do it, I might just do it myself.” Christine says. “Eat him up and spend the rest of the day in the faculty bathroom so no one interrupts me. I could use that boring book he gave us to wipe!” Christine says, causing both to giggle again.
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