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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 215 - Live Meats, Caught Fresh Daily - By NagaFood - Overview
Grocery stores don't just sell your typical, run-of-the-mill food. They also have a selection of 'live meats', already packaged and priced. They are typically wrapped in several layers of cellophane to keep them immobile, but otherwise completely naked, with their good bits left exposed to check for freshness, or to just tease and fondle while browsing the selection. Naturally, young girls like to grope and torment the selection of males of various ages on display, but also young and teenage boys also are known to check out the female selection, as unlicensed girls of various ages are also provided, but are generally more expensive and in shorter quantity. Some even like to risk copping a feel, but many just peek out from behind the shelves to avoid being added to the selection of live meats.

Andy was one of those who got a little to touchy-feely with one of the products, and didn't notice notice the butcher sneak up behind him until it was to late. There is no rules against touching the merchandise, but there is also no rules against grabbing up some boy or unlicensed girl and taking them to the back, cleaning them off, and wrapping them tightly in cellophane to put among the other selection of live meats. Now this thirteen year old boy finds himself on display with the rest of the live meats, with his goodies left unwrapped for any shopper to come by and fondle, waiting to be sold to some lucky customer who wants teenage boy for dinner. To add insult to injury, he finds that his young life is only worth $22.50, the price on the tag posted on the cellophane.

Debra is a thirty eight year old mother of two who happens to be one of those women who are incapable of vore, and therefor unlicensed. Her two young daughters, however, are both vore capable, and while she was at the meat counter purchasing some live meat for them, the girl's let it slip that she wasn't vore capable and the butcher overheard. Now her daughters are going to be living with a friend's parents, and that last thing they said to her was "Try not to nag so much when you get eaten. It causes upset stomach." before leaving with their friend's vore capable mother. Broken hearted that her own daughters don't mind that she is going to be eaten, she can only await the inevitable as she stands there among the other live meats, waiting to be purchased for $39.99. Furthermore, the tag also notes that her breasts are still producing breast milk, so it's likely that she will have to put up with being milked while she awaits purchasing.
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