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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 216 - Debra, 38 year old brown haired mother of two, functioning D cup breasts $39.99! - By NagaFood - Overview
Debra laid there on the shelf with tears streaming down her eyes. She moaned into the crude gag once more. Her tongue pressed flat to the floor of her mouth. She wiggled as best she could against the cellophane but it held her tight. She couldn’t even move her arms or legs. Debra winced again. It had been the second time that day that she had been milked and this time a crowd of shoppers had gathered to watch the shop assistant as she squeezed and manipulated the poor woman’s exposed breasts. A couple of the small girls even burst into laughter as they heard Debra’s cry for help. None of them were even thinking of her as a person anymore. To them she was just meat and to the non voring boys in the audience she was just a sex object. She could just about see through the plastic but tried not to look at anyone in particular. Best not to get eye contact and end up as someone’s Sunday roast.

After a good half hour the shop assistant decided that she had gotten enough milk from the poor tortured slab of meat and walked off leaving Debra with her boobs and pussy on show to all that passed her in the isle. She was one of many squirming writhing meals that lines the shelves. The crowd dispersed one by one they left to go find some other younger meal. something a little meatier or, in the case of most of the boys, to go home and think about the sexy show they had just seen and enjoy themselves. Of course a couple of the onlookers weren’t paying attention and got added to the live meat supply stored in the shop. But who cares about a couple of teenage treats?

When everyone had gone Debra fell silent and laid down in her roasting hot tomb of cellophane. There was nothing she could do to save herself. All the poor woman could hope for was that some nice pred came and bought her but only for a slave or for some other none fatal reason. But that hope was very unlikely to happen. Post of the time once a person has been branded meat they end up as someone’s belly fat and nothing else. She sat there struggling a little to get comfortable the only thought in her mind now was the callous remark from her daughters. How could they not care about her. In-fact if they added both their allowances for that week they could of bought her and spared her from a very painful fate. But they instead spent their money on sweets. As she wallowed in self pity her blood started to run cold. She felt pressure on her left nipple. Then heard someone talking “Mmmm you feels just right. I can’t wait to get you home and gobble you right up.” A sudden shiver ran down her spine as she realised she knew that voice. Someone she knew was planning to buy her. “HHHHEELLPPP.” Debra screamed into the gag. All she heard as a reply was a sweet little giggle. “Awww, now sugar you know I can’t help you. But I can help myself.” Debra started to whimper and whine as she was lifted from the shelf and dropped into the shopping cart. Just another piece of meat.
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