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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 221 - Zii - By NagaFood - Overview
Stock is generally considered to be doomed the moment they are grabbed, not that it's much different for any non-vore, but still luck has a weird way of working. Here is one of those little oddities:

Zii is an elven year old girl who's life has been a strange mix of extremely good luck, and very bad, both forces tugging her about in every which way. First off, she had the good luck to be born a female, which really seems like the best way to go about things in a this world given the sad state of men. Her mother and two sisters being a vores, it was would have been safe to assume that she would have been too, sadly such was not the case. When she hit five years old without so much of a hint of her hunger, her family already knew that she would never learn how to take that big swallow. Blaming her husband for the genetic hiccup, she ate him without so much of a second thought, and soon remarried to another vore she'd had her eyes on for sometime.

Growing up in a family with nothing but vores was hard for an unlicensed girl. The naturally sweet Zii found herself as a constant focus for teasing, with her whole family often gambling with the right to eat her when "the time came." Honestly they probably weren't going to eat her, just playing that game until she got gobbled up by some girl at school, or by one of her vore friends, but as Zii got older she started to notice girls much more then she noticed boys. An unlicensed girl can typically squeak by for a while, but a lesbian basically might as well toss themselves into the first girl who catches her eyes lingering on them for too long. Knowing that she had absolutely no chance of getting out of elementary school without being pushed out of her one of her sister's asses, or even that of her mother's, Zii decided to run for it. Luck was on her side again, and her whole family was too busy sleeping off a big meal too notice Zii as she packed a few things into a backpack and ran off into the night.... Only to be promptly picked up by a Stocking Company that delivered taste boys and girls to vores doors.

It wasn't more then a day that her number came up, and it was time for her to meet her devourer. With a large number of other stock foods, she was taken as catering to a company party. Naked and tied to a bench, it seemed like it was the end for Zii, when a cute blonde girl named Abby walked up to her and took her off the bench. Zii's bi polar luck showed up again and instead of gulping her down on the spot, Abby decided to talk to Zii. The party was a long boring one, with only adults talking about boring stuff, and Abby had just ate the cute girl that had been sitting next to Zii. The two of them talked for the whole party, and had some fun, when it was time to go home, Abby's mom let her take her food with her instead of eating her on the spot. The two went up to Abby's room, and much to her Mom's surprise, when she woke her daughter up in the morning Zii was still there hugged possessively in Abby's arms. Abby didn't eat her, but she made Zii wipe her butt with her tongue after letting the other girl from the party into the toilet.

The stock girl lived in Abby's room for almost a half a year before Abby's mom just adopted her, her original family didn't mind at all, thinking she had been eaten at school or something. Zii has mixed feelings about her new situation. It didn't take long for Abby to figure out that Zii was a lesbian, thankfully when stated so she declared that she wasn't going to eat her "just yet" then farted in her face. Zii likes Abby a lot, but it's clear that Abby plans to eat her at some point if no one else does, and provides almost no protection against her being eaten, even going so far as to try and put her into situations that she will likely not survive with other vores. The rest of the family, Abby's mom, younger, and older sister, are very nice to Zii, Abby's mom did go so far as to adopt her and to start sending her back to school, but all three of them like using her for what ever desires pop in their head at the moment.

Then there is school itself. Zii's grades are just enough to get past being eaten for failing too many classes due to her lack of interest, save for her art and english classes. She hangs out with Abby a good bit, best friends in an odd sort of way, given her complete lack of caring if Zii dies or not. More then once Abby has threatened to blab about the fact that Zii likes girls, treating getting Zii eaten like matching her up with a girlfriend, it doesn't help that both Abby and Zii have recently developed an interest in Nicole Myers a cute red head in their grade. So far Zii has been more then a little too afraid to come out to Nicole due to her love of eating unlicensed girls like her... Though every day she thinks about asking her out on a date more and more. Abby's crush is a lot less strong, though she does tell Zii that she might give her to Nicole as a present if she ever asks her out.

Zii is short for her age, even for a non vore. Her pale skin is made even more specter like by her long straight black hair. She lacks any of the early curves that vores get from eating people, so that she is a non vore tends to be pretty obvious to even a causal looker. Normally she wears plan white or black clothing, having a thing for being monochromatic, normally the only color she has on her are her brilliant large eyes, which are a vivid blue. Though she claims not to be a goth, her affinity for black nail polish and lipstick often make people peg her as one. As for her personality, Zii is at her core a sweet girl, but years of of basically being a potential meal for everyone she knows has taken it's toll on her. She tends to be aloof, sometimes even going so far to be sarcastic to vores if she knows them well already, meaning mostly Abby and her family. She often sways between trying everything to make sure she lives, to saying screw it, and just trying to enjoy the time she has.

It was always hard to go to school for Zii, to get up at five in the morning to get herself looking decent before the Abby and the rest of the family woke up, so she wouldn't have to enter a hopeless argument with them for bathroom time, which would of course end with a threat to send her down the toilet. No, it was simply better to get up an hour before anyone else did, so that she could be done by the time they started to wake up. Honestly if Abby's mom, who was now her own adoptive mother, didn't make her, she wouldn't even bother going to school anymore. There wasn't much point in going to school, as far as Zii could tell, she was almost certain to be eaten before college, and would never make it though that. Sadly, almost no unlicensed girls survived going through college, due to being eaten at parties, coming out of the closet, or simply because the vores wanted to make sure there were was no one else men could hook up with.

Of course it was all moot, her mother was making her go to school, and that was that. So with a tired yawn, she walked besides Abby as they headed to the front door of the school. Abby herself was very refreshed and awake. She always was active in the mornings, she had an hour more sleep then Zii, and had the benefit of having a girl digesting in her belly the whole night. Speaking of which, Zii had thankfully figured out gotten a ritual of brushing and mouth was that would get rid of any hint that she had given Abby's asshole its after shit tongue bath.

Abby was almost a stereotypical blonde in many ways, her room was filled with pink frilly things, and the bed that they shared was more of a pile of stuffed animals. She normally dressed like a teeny-bopper, a steady supply of eating girls and guys gave her body some nice curves as well. Though for all her being cute and pink, Abby was definitely one of the foulest vores she'd ever met, delighting in farting on her victims, and even going so far as using girls as a toilet for a week before gulping them down, boys just tended to get eaten without a second thought. Wondering who she would be having for lunch, Abby turned to the still groggy Zii as they walked.

"So.. What, like, do you think of Andrea Taylor?" The vore girl asked with a grin. "I for one think you'd look adorable coming out of her butt."

Zii winced a bit at that, she knew that Abby was just teasing her, but there was still the bit of fright at the idea. "I'm not going to go ask anyone to eat me, Abby." She said, peering through her long dark and straight hair.

Abby gave a false look of being disappointment. "Aww.. but she looks like so much fun, besides, I heard she likes to let licensed girl's watch her let out her prey as big stinking logs." Leaning in a bit closer, Abby whispered. "Maybe I should let her on to the fact that you like girls, I'm sure she'd be all over you then."

Zii gave a little whine at that. "Cut it out, I don't want to be eaten." She said to Abby, possibly something that would have been suicide to most unlicensed people, but Zii knew Abby well enough to know she wouldn't care.

Abby laughed and grabbed Zii on the rump, much to the chittering and laughing of some passing vores and non vores alike. Not really in the mood, or a position to fight it, she continues to walk along the hallways as Abby enjoys squeezing and playing with her rear, while Zii tried not to show any sign of arousal. Soon, they had to split ways though, as their first period classes were different. Abby having a class on vore techniques, and ways to deal with prey. Zii had math.

Zii found her seat in the back of the class, trying not to get in anyone's way. Like most classes, and the school as a whole really, unlicensed out numbered licensed girls by an insane amount, about twenty to everyone, with a constant influx on new non vores from special programs like "Food to Minds" which actually bought stock food, and put them into schools as students. The front of this was to give these non vores a second chance, in reality it was to make sure the schools were well stocked with yummy boys and girls.

The ghostly looking girl took out her binder, and went to a blank page, as the bell rung. Looking around she could already see that two of the three vore girls in her class already had someone squirming inside of them. How grim the fact that she was relieved at this was lost on Zii, who had grown up completely raised by vores. Without knowing what she was doing, Zii's eyes started to linger on the one without a full squirming belly, Her name was Lisa Greedgut, she had long deep red hair, and emerald eyes, making Zii realize that she had a pretty big thing for red heads. Zii knew for a fact that Lisa preferred girls to guys, both as dates and as meals, her dating of Sarah Tanner last year had been pretty well known, but the two vores broke up over the summer. Abby made sure that Zii was kept up with all the gossip, mostly to tease her about feeding her to the vores involved.

The girl who had currently caught Zii's eye, Lisa, was almost as messy as Abby, but not quite as cruel from what she'd heard, of course no non vore who had shown interest in her had survived to date. She was really into video games, even wearing a 1-up mushroom shirt right now. She also had a very nice ass, that Zii tore her eyes away from, suddenly worried that someone might notice what she was looking at. Looking up at the teacher, she hoped no one had. Though she as feeling the strong urge ask Lisa out. Doodling in her sketch book, she tried to figure out what to do. Even if she didn't ask Lisa out, there was Nicole, the vorish tomboy she'd had her eyes on for sometime now.
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