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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 222 - Breeding stock - By NagaFood - Overview
Due to the number of Vores a Stock Breeding Program is a necessity otherwise males would be extinct in a few years. There are two types of Breeding Stock, those that are caught and those that are born into the program. Both males and Non-Vores are in the program having sex nearly every single day in order to keep food available for Vores. Non-Vores are given a shot that destroys the Vore gene on the X chromosome so there's no chance of a girl being born a Vore since the Vore gene has to be on both X chromosomes for a girl to be born a Vore. Some males are given a daily dose of a drug to kill the sperm carrying an X chromosome so their offspring are always male and some males aren't given the drug. At times a Vore will come in to get pregnant by one of the males. The male that has sex with one of them is often vored immediately after, most of the time ending up in the Vore's stomach but sometimes ending up being unbirthed to be the Vore's new baby. Some children of the breeding program are released into the world, most when they're born but there are some that are released when they're as old as eleven. All those in the breeding program are treated well, this does include the males, since healthy Stock are able to be bred longer and with greater frequency. They may be treated well but since they are Stock they aren't allowed to wear any clothes except they babies are allowed to wear diapers.

Ariel Murman has been in the program for close to 20 years. His life started out normal enough except for his mom deciding to name him Ariel after finding out that it was used as a boy's name but is now used more as a girl's name. It was a good way to humiliate a boy. Of course his older sister Karen had decided to take it further and dress him in her old clothes starting when he was one and she seven. His mom thought it was a good idea and they continued to dress him in Karen's old clothes making sure to tell him that boys weren't supposed to wear girl's clothes and he would end up in a girl's stomach when school started. Before school started however he met Stacy Daniels, an energetic green eye red hair girl, who immediately made him her slave to provide him with some protection. She still dressed him in girl clothes since she thought he looked cute and with a name like Ariel it seemed appropriate. He was her slave until they graduated when some male killed her during a post graduation party to make a statement that males wouldn't be food anymore. Stacy's mom was able to get him into the breeding program so he wouldn't be eaten right away with Stacy dead. Now at 36 Ariel still had brown hair and hazel eyes though he's grown a little bit of a stomach. He knows that his luck could run out at anytime now after being in the program for so long.
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