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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 230 - Olivia, Vorish Mother of Three - By NagaFood - Overview
Olivia is a fit, well built mother of three in her early fourties. Despite her age, her frequent diet of tasty young morsels of both genders has kept her looking beautiful. Her skin is well tanned, an almost olive complexion worthy of a Greek goddess, and her figure is equally amazing, padded but not plump, muscled without looking grotesque, and a pair of H cup breasts that sit proudly on her chest without hint of sagging, bouncing deliciously with each step she takes. Behind her she wields a moderately sized butt that is flab free, teaming with muscles beneath the soft cushion of fat. The trait that really makes her an impressive woman is her height, she is six feet tall and her head is topped with the most beautiful shade of red hair that cascades down her back to stop just above her marvelous behind. Truly a living, breathing wet dream if there ever was one.

For seven years, Olivia was married to a man she truly cared for, and had three children with him, Colleen, who is now 16; Mathew, who is now 13; and Nicole, who is now 11. When Nicole was eleven months old, Mathew had come down with the flu, and her husband, Hurbert, had volunteered to feed little Colleen and baby Nicole. While trying to feed Nicole her string peas, his hand got a little to close to her mouth and he was slowly sucked up by his baby daughter's powerful throat muscles. It took twenty minutes for the girl to completely swallow her father, who despite his best effort was unable to free himself. Colleen watched with great interest as her baby sister devoured their father, until finally Nicole's high chair broke and her belly buldged to massive proportions around her. The belch Nicole produced was enough to summon Olivia, who could do nothing but comfort her husband as he was slowly digested by his baby daughter's stomach.

It has been ten years since that incident, and all three of Olivia's children have grown up alot since then. Colleen is a tall, skinny girl with fair skin and freckles who is a bit sobby and loves eating strong college boys. Nicole is also tall and skinny with more tanned skin and freckles, but is also a bit of a tomboy and rather athletic, part of the junior softball team. She downs several boys and girls a month, but it is also a closet lesbian who is debating telling her best friend and secret crush, Jenny, who is a busty Asian girl who is also licenced. Mathew, the only boy, is suprisingly well cared for despite being the only male in a house with three girls. His mother loves him as much as her girls, although understands that being a boy makes him expendable, and his sisters are pretty friendly with him too, Colleen being nice in a big sister like fashion, having no interest in eating younger guys, while his younger sister Nicole likes to occasionally tease him from time to time, but is pretty playful with him. Mathew has fair skin and freckles, being reasonably tall and slightly athletic, but not to the extent Nicole is. All three children have lighter red hair than their mother, the girls with long hair while Matt's is cut short.

They all live in a story house, complete with an outdoor swimming pool and a basement that Olivia uses to keep fine wine. She is an executive of a fortune five hundred company, and makes a sizeable sum of money every year. Despite that, she never had the heart to leave the house she and her beloved Hubert had lived and conceived there three children in, and refuses to sell it for a house more fit for her status.
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