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My Life as a Teenage Voraphile [resurrected story] - Page 277 - Katie Winslet - By NagaFood - Overview
You’re a 28 year old Katie Winslet, Being a tall slim purple haired female with large assets makes you stand out in the crowd and attract males of all ages that flirt and try to pick you up. Trying most ranges male you find the older they get the less you enjoy devouring them whole.

You have a craving for younger boys, around the ages of 14 to 18 is in your opinion the prime time for picking but you have enjoyed a few younger men in you time and you also don’t stop at just eating men. You love unlicensed women from almost any age up to 50.

Even thought it said to be prohibited you have eaten 1 or 2 licensed females due to they annoyed you.

You smooth long hair and taste for fashion is a real eye turner along with your large breasts and sexy legs you could nuns to fall for you in your own opinion.

Anyways you grab you bag heading for you job teaching at a…
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